terça-feira, 30 de dezembro de 2008

SALEM - Necessary Evil

1. Blood 04:11
2. Amona 02:20
3. Idol Worship 05:33
4. Mindless 04:38
5. Hypatia 05:37
6. Strife 04:50
7. Resentment 03:54
8. Making a Difference 04:18
9. More Blood 00:58
10. Once Upon a Lifetime part I 05:26
11. Once Upon a Lifetime part II 05:00
12. Once Upon a Lifetime part III 05:19
13. Once Upon a Lifetime part IV 08:09
14. Once Upon a Lifetime part V 02:09

Total playing time 01:02:22


SATYRICON -All Evil (DEMO) 1992

1.All Evil 05:03
2.This Red Sky0 1:45
3.Dreams of a Satyr 04:38
4.All Evil (Shorter version) 00:54

Total playing time11:27


1.Lord of Darkness 04:27
2.Ancient Cursed Prophecy 03:49
3.Demoniac Sexual Perversity 03:20
4.Odes to Satan 03:56
5.Elizabeth Bathory 05:39
6.Negra Majestade 04:16
7.Hades (Bathory Cover) 02:56

Total playing time 28:23

sábado, 27 de dezembro de 2008

ROTTING CHRIST - Live Athens (Bootleg)

2.ΧΑΟΣ ΓΕΝΕΤΩ (The Sign Of Prime Creation )
3.Keravnos Kivernitos
4.Athanatoi Este
5.Enuma Elish
6.King Of A Stellar War
7.The Fifth Illusion
9.The First Field Of The Battle
10.Shadows Follow
11.The Sign Of Evil Existence
12.Fgmenth,Thy Gift
13.Coronation Of The Serpent
14.The Old Coffin Spirit
15.The Mystical Meeting
16.Thou Art Blind
17.Morality Of A Dark Age
18.You My Cross
19.Saturn Unlock Avey's Son
20.Exiled Archangels
21.Sorrowfull Farewell
22.Among Two Storms
23.After Dark I Feel
24.In Domine Sathana
26.Under The Name Of Legion
27.Societas Satanas
28.Non Serviam
Download 1/14
Download 15/28

segunda-feira, 22 de dezembro de 2008

NAGLFAR- Stellae Trajectio [Demo1994]

1.Intro 00:57
2.Enslave The Astral Fortress 05:26
3.Sunless Dawn 05:16
4.The Eclipse Of Empire Storms 04:41
5.Outro 00:34
Total playing time 15:00

Varathron - Crowsreign

1.Evil Gets an Upgrade02:13
2.There Is No God07:34
3.The Grim Palace 07:16
4.Darkness Falling03:22
5.Creation of Satan06:27
6.The Sign of Eternal Curse 05:49
7.A Vision of a Nameless Soul07:10
8.Emmersing from the Immortals03:47
9.The King of Asine12:32
10.Spirit of the Tomb03:29
11.Angel of Revenge05:05

Total playing time 01:04:44

Eastern Hammer

Graveland (Pol)
1. Blood Faithful To Soil 11:41
Nokturnal Mortum (Ukr)
2. Kolyada 05:44
North (Pol)
3. To Break A Cross, To Break A Neck 05:42
Temnozor (Rus)
4. Did-Dub-Snop 05:16

Total playing time 28:25


Rotting Christ - Ade's winds ( demo )

Line Up:
Sauron : Drums
Sakis: Guitar, vocals
Mutilator Jim: Bass

1.Fgement, Thy Gift
2.The Fourth Knight of Revelation, Part 1 & 2


sexta-feira, 12 de dezembro de 2008

ENSLAVED - Yggdrasill (DEMO)-1992

1.Heimdallr 06:39
2.Allfadr Odinn 07:48
3.Hal Valr 07:24
4.Niunda Heim 07:37
5.The Winter Kingdom Opus I: Resound of Gjallarhorn 03:13
6.Enslaved 06:10
Total playing time 40:16


1.A Skull Full of Maggots 02:08
2.The Undead Will Feast 02:57
3.Scattered Remains, Splattered Brains 02:37
4.Put Them to Death 01:49
5.Bloody Chunks 02:21
Total playing time 11:52


1.Spell 00:09
2.Obsession 05:45
3.From Ominous 03:34
4.Calamitous Box 04:06
5.Goddess of Death 03:25
6.Vampire 4:02
7.Gloom 03:06
8.Endless Dismal Moan 2 02:47
9.Talking Mind (EDM 3) 06:36
10.Abyss 08:33
11.Chaos (Intro) 01:52
12.Kitigai 03:57
13.Bloody Claws 03:30
14.Endless Dismal Moan 05:00
15.Calamity 01:34
16.Death Odor 08:00

quinta-feira, 4 de dezembro de 2008

Ancient Monument - The Warrior's Cypt

01 - Intro - The Warriorr's Crypt
02 - Confident
03 - Destiny's Face
04 - The Flame


SATYRICON - The Age Of Nero -Limited edition

01.Commando 04:29
02.The Wolfpack04:05
03.Black Crown on A Tombstone 03:53
04.Die by My Hand 07:08
05.My Skin is Cold 05:16
06.The Sign of the Trident 06:58
07.Last Man Standing 03:40
08.Den Siste 07:25
01.My Skin is Cold (Ep Version) 05:07
02.Live Through Me (Live)
03.Existential Fear-Questions (Live) 06:01
04.Repined Bastard Nation (Live) 05:4905
05:1203.Existential Fear-Questions (Live) 06:01
06.The Pentagram Burns (Radio Edit) 04:03
07.Last Man Standing (Guitar Wall Mix) 03:38
08.Den Siste (Analog Mix) 07:22


Thokk-Of Rape and Vasmpirism

2.Falling In The White Tempest
3.Of Rape And Vampirism
4.The Witch-Tower Of Vshanäad
5.In The Phantasmagoric Dimensions
6.Abscond To Nightmare Chasms
7.Come A Grimmer Presence
8.Haunted By Saturnian Phantoms (Abducted In The Cosmic Bog)

TORMENTOR - Anno Domini

1. Introduction
2. Tormentor I
3. Heaven
4. Elisabeth Bathory
5. Damned Grave
6. In Gate of Hell
7. Transylvania
8. Tormentor II
9. Trance
10. Beyond
11. Apocalypse
12. Lyssa
13. Anno Domini

terça-feira, 2 de dezembro de 2008

True Kings of Norway

1.The Ancient Queen
2.Witches Sabbath
3.Lord Of The Storms (Evil Necro Voice From Hell Remix)
4.Diabolical Fullmoon Mysticism
5.Unholy Forces Of Evil
6.The Cold Winds Of Funeral Frost
Dimmu Borgir
7.In I Evighetens Mørke (Part 1)
8.In I Evighetens Mørke (Part 2)
9.Raabjørn Speiler Draugheimens Skodde
10.Det Glemte Riket
12.My Angel

Imperious Malevolence - Where Demons Dwell

2.Divine Disease
3.The Christcrusher
4.We Evoke Thee
5.Everlasting Hell Damnation
6.Midnight Bleeding Death
7.Pure Infestation of Evil
9.From Flesh To Nothingness
10.Icon of Filth
11.Adventus Caligo
12.Where Demons Dwell

Satyricon-The Shadowthrone

Album: The Shadowthrone (1994)
Genre: Black Metal
1-Hvite Krists Død" (White Christ's Death)
2-In the Mist by the Hills
3-Woods to Eternity
4-Vikingland (Land of Vikings)
5-Dominions of Satyricon
6-The King of the Shadowthrone
7-I En Svart Kiste (In a Black Coffin)